AA Cebu on publicity and the media

We have formed a committee within AA Cebu to work with the local media, and the members of this committee regularly pays visits to the 3 main newspapers to inform them about some of our activity. Here you can read a write up in Cebu Daily News on August 13th 2012:

And this article was featured in Sun Star Cebu on Jan 13th 2015

It is important for us in AA to spread the word about our activity, in order for us to reach out to the still suffering alcoholic. We aim to build a good relationship with the media so they can help us to help others, always be mindful about tradition 11 in our program: ” Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.”

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  1. is there a meeting in lapu ;apu mactan i live near big foot will be comming home on the 14 of may i am a american i live there with my wife just got leave from work want to attend//yes i have been going to meetings today is day 90
    still at sea i am a merchant marine will be inport on monday

  2. Hi! My name is John and I’m a friend of Bill W’s. I’ll be heading to the Philippines staying by Ayala Mall. I noticed that there are meetings there. My plan is to get a SRRV Visa upon arrival and stay a while. I would very much like to connect with an English speaking group. I’m from Chicago, U.S. Thank you!


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    • Hi John, Yes two weekly meetings inside Ayala Mall as you can see from the list of meetings HERE Also, the three weekly meetings at Redemptorist church, are within walking – or a short taxi ride from Ayala. Wishing you an enjoyable stay in Cebu!


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