If you or your group need AA literature in Tagalog/Visayan or English/……

It is good for your recovery to read AA literature, and it’s good for general knowledge to read how Alcoholics Anonymous works, and how it was started etc.

Please note that we keep a decent number of various books, mostly in English, but also some translated into Visayan and Tagalog languages.

If you want to find out about what books we have, and if that fits your requirement, please send an email as given under “contact us”. For groups we can also help with pamphlets and

“Meeting in a pocket” – now translated into Visayan and Tagalog.

We will ship usually LBC, all over Philippines.

2 thoughts on “If you or your group need AA literature in Tagalog/Visayan or English/……”

  1. Hello from the USA. I am a long-time member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Began sobriety the first time in 1988. Sober now 17 years since 2004. My girlfriend is Filipina and lives near Pantabangan Nueva Ecija. She recently told me her father is alcoholic and we are planning to get the Big Book for him in Tagalog. He does not know that yet. But I was hoping to perhaps find for him any pamphlets that also have been translated. My thinking is that he might read a pamphlet where he would likely hesitate to pick up the much larger Big Book. If you have any knowledge of where or how I can find other AA literature in Tagalog, we would be forever grateful. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for reaching out.
      The location of your gf, suggest that she has to contact AA Manila, or any other
      more convenient location, that you can find here:


      I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need more help.


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