10 thoughts on “National Philippines AA Convention 2021”

    • Thanks for your post. Sorry to say, but we have no info from the organizers (Cagayan de Oro) about this years
      convention. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic however, it’s unthinkable that there will be one this year.
      We hope to be able to give information about an AA Convention for 2022 at a later date, at the same place or not.

  1. We have meetnigs in Dumaguette at La Chocolate FRENCH BAKERY on MONDAY , WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY MORNINGS AT 11. It is just outside Dumaguette in BACONG . It is in the same complex as Octagon Sports Bar
    ALSO a beach meeting At Uzi Public beach in Dauin on Thursdays. Also we had and are trying to have Sunday Noon lunch meetings at beach resorts in Dauin.

    • The beach meeting starts at 11 am on Thursdays in Dauin at the public beach. We go to a place called UZI and rent a table and chairs. We have been bringing food and have lunch after the meeting. We bring friends , girlfriends , boy friends , wifes ,
      , husbands , kids and realtives. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

    • Hei Annalyn,
      Thanks for reaching out for your husband.
      If you go to the link “AA Meetings in Visayas and Mindanao” on our website, you will find
      CDO and the AA meetings there. There are also contact numbers for the meetings that we suggest you check with before your husband goes.
      This is important in this Covid-19 times, since some meetings are only online, but many are also regular face-to-face meetings.
      Please note that the information on our website is based on local meetings updating their information for any changes. Specially the last year,
      this has been a challenge for many. So please let us know if you have any problems to get in contact with the local members, and we will try our best to help.


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